6 Reasons The Bar Beats The Stadium
Jun 29, 2022


Now, don’t get us wrong. Holding tickets in your hand to a live sports event is a thrill. Whether it’s an Ireland rugby match, a motorsport event, your football team finally taking on the champions, or a GAA final, the stadium is a fun place to be.

But here’s the thing. We’ve come to the conclusion that watching live sporting events is actually better at The Bar than at the stadium, and we’ve got 6 reasons to prove it.

1. The weather

There’s nothing like the Irish weather to really put a dampener on things, especially outdoor sporting events. No matter how dedicated a fan you are, the wind and rain can make viewing while shivering in the stands pretty miserable. Now, wouldn’t you be drier in a booth?

2. The View

Right, let’s be honest – unless you’ve got a cousin on the team or a wheelbarrow full of cash, you’re unlikely to get front row seats to a sports event. That means that you’re at the mercy of the hundreds of fans in front of you. Did you catch that rugby try, or would it be better to see it up close in all of its glory on one of 17 large screens?

3. The food

Hotdogs are OK once in a while, but you’re limited at the stadiums. I don’t know about you, but we’d prefer to debate over delicious bar bites, burgers, or main courses from a full menu and eat it at a comfortable table.

4. The drinks

Lukewarm beer in a plastic cup, extortionate prices, and long queues are all par for the course at a stadium. You could be sitting sipping a creamy pint of Guinness (with your face on it if you’d like) or a cocktail, brought right to your booth. We promise not to elbow you and spill it when Ireland scores a goal.

5. The comfort

At the stadium, you’re likely sitting on a wooden bench or plastic seat for hours. There’s no comparison to our slick and comfortable interior, so make sure you reserve your booth.

6. The party

Your night shouldn’t have to end when the match does. When the stadium lights go down, we’re cranking the music up. Every Friday and Saturday night we kick off the party with acoustic live music, followed by a DJ ‘til late.

Hands down, we’re a winner There’s no comparison. When it comes to comfort and viewing quality, we’ve got the technology and interior to best enjoy sports. We are playing all sports: GAA, football, motorsports, rugby, and more – just let us know what live event you’d like to catch and we’ll play it for you. Next, we’re serving up the best drinks, excellent food, and live music. With an electric atmosphere guaranteed, what’s not to love?

See you at The Bar.