How to Pull the Perfect Pint
May 12, 2022

Surge and Settle: How to Pull the Perfect Pint

Fergal Murray knows a thing or two about pulling the perfect pint of Guinness. Well, he is a Master Brewer, after all.

He shared some top tips on pulling a perfect pint and says that every good bartender must know the secret. So today, we’re sharing those secret steps with you.


6 steps to a perfect pint

1. Take a nice clear branded glass. Use the harp logo as your target.

2. At a 45-degree angle, aim the spout at the back of the harp.

3. Nice and slow, let the liquid bounce off the back of the harp. You’ll hear the hissing sound of the liquid. Keep the glass at an angle so that the liquid comes to the bottom of the harp. Slowly straighten the glass. The liquid comes to the top of the harp, then stops.

4. Allow the liquid to cascade and surge. Watch it come alive – the customer wants to see it form and settle. What’s happening here is the nitrogen bubbles in the solution are coming away from the beer.

You’ll see that a head is formed between the bottom and the top of the harp.

5. Push the valve away from you – it will open a little slower so that the beer doesn’t come in at too high a speed, to create that perfectly domed pint.

Present it to the customer. Look them in the eye to let them know you’ve just crafted perfection.

6. Enjoy – standing proud, bring the elbow up to take a sip, pull the liquid through under the head, and watch the flavour explode. There’s sweetness at the front, roasted flavour at the side, and bitterness as it goes down the throat. Smooth and cascading: the perfect pint of Guinness.


The perfect environment for the perfect pint

Master Brewer Fergal Murray goes on to explain that to create the best environment to enjoy this perfect pint, the customer needs:

1. A great pub.

2. A bartender that doesn’t disappoint.

3. The opportunity to drink the Guinness with their eyes as it settles.

4. The reward: that wonderful Guinness taste as it goes down the back of the tongue.

See you at The Bar Well, Fergal, we’re confident in the steps to a perfect pint, and we think we’ve got all of the boxes checked for a great environment to drink it. Maybe we’ll catch you for a pint of the black stuff soon.

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